Mass-Produced vs. Handmade: 10 Reasons Why Handmade is Better

People buy things to tell stories about themselves, their worth, their individual character, or as a promise of a brighter future.

Consumerism is anonymous. Who makes what you buy and how and where it is made are not the questions one usually asks before buying a mass-produced product. Mostly we are guided by our desire to shop conveniently, have multiple options and grab a bargain preferably delivered to our door the next day. By buying predictable soulless machine-made items, all we get is a sort of emptiness: it is never that special to keep for a long time, it does not make us feel anything exciting (not for a long time anyway) and probably the very same item or a similar version of it, is what everyone else has.

At one point you may look at all the mass-produced things you have accumulated and decide to get rid of all of them or worse, to throw them away and upgrade to the newer versions which no doubt are already available just a click away.

It is a depressing thought to be living surrounded by inauthentic, lifeless and unlovable things. So next time you decide to shop for something, you may want to become aware that what you buy is not just a thing for the right now – it may actually stay with you your whole life and in some cases be left as your legacy.

If you choose to be a more conscious buyer then buying handmade is something you might consider, so here are 10 reasons why buying handmade is better:

1. You will inspire the artist

Buying handmade item encourages and inspires the craftsman who creates it to create even more. It is as if you are actually saying to the artist “I love what you are doing”!

2. You will support small communities and businesses

By buying handmade products you will give support to local communities and small business rather than big corporations.

3. Unique and Exclusive

Buying handmade evokes the feeling of exclusivity and luxury – so it makes you or someone you are gifting, to feel appreciated and special.

4. Keeping Traditions Alive

Buying handmade ensures that the traditional making skills are still in demand. Almost every skill now can be replaced by a machine so it is important to continue to support artisans so they can pass their knowledge to the new generation.

5. Sense of Connection

You can always contact the designer or the maker and find out everything about the piece you are buying or make custom changes to make it even more special.

6. Authenticity

Buying handmade is buying the real thing. Not a machine-produced copy but the true original to be cherished and loved for a lifetime.

7. Value

You will value your handmade possession more as you know that someone took time and effort to create it with all their heart and soul. It is easier to just throw a thing away if it has no such value.

8. Celebrates the Creative Living

Creativity is something personal. Buying handmade from an artist directly or via a small company supports the creativity of each individual who takes time and effort to present their work to the world. Big brands (especially those that produce cheap products) do not usually care about the personal artistic expressions: the makers have to work under restrictive conditions and terms to produce results and make big company profits.

9. Positive Vibrations

Have you ever been to a studio or workshop of an artist who creates for a living? It is a truly inspiring, warm and joyful place. The energy of the place and the person transmits through every fibre of the objects they make. Having a piece of this would be nice. Thanks.

10. Slow Living

Buying handmade can be part of a slow living idea. A pace of living where day to day rituals are done with awareness, in a slow and mindful manner so as to experience them fully. Each object that is used on daily basis has a value, is functional, unique and beautiful. Handmade pieces tick all the boxes.

Ready to explore our collection of handmade products? No laser cutting and 3D printing, we promise! Take it slow and enjoy!

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