Minimal and Warm: Modern Rustic Aesthetic

The Modern Rustic aesthetic is our style of choice. At first glance, people do not usually associate minimal with the warmth and cosiness. On the other hand, rustic can sometimes be confused with old, clunky style filled with antiques and heavy drapes. Misconception in both cases.

Let me define what modern style actually means in this case: it is clean, simple and unadorned. Natural materials and neutral colours are preferred; undergoing theme - elimination of the unnecessary.

At some point during the 20th century, creative people decided to combine rustic and modern to create warm, natural and inviting homes that are also quite simple and freeing at the same time.

On one hand, the modern rustic room usually has large windows, nice views, open floor plans, modern furniture and clean lines. On the other hand, it features reclaimed wood, exposed wood beams, vintage accessories, practical and full of charm handcrafted accents.

In essence, the major part of the modern rustic aesthetic is texture: weathered finishes of wood, stone and metal, woollen rugs, hand-forged, distressed, lived in items with the flaws exposed.

Since we aim to eliminate the useless, all parts of home decor have to have practical uses. While some objects are meant to be just beautiful, it is much more interesting when this beauty is combined with functionality.

Now, looking at the colour scheme of the modern rustic, we prefer the overall palette to be neutral: grey, white, off-white walls. Then we add accent colours of brown, black, earthy muddy colours - to create that feeling of well-loved and weathered things.

There is also an important element of personal touch. Home decor accessories are chosen to remind of good memories, to evoke some pleasant feeling, or maybe even have some magical and healing powers.

All in all, the atmosphere we are trying to create with modern rustic aesthetic is a sense of tranquillity and contentment. Ultimately there are no strict rules on anything. What is important is being relaxed, free and happy in your home.

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