• Exclusive Handmade Wood, Hand Forged Metal and Natural Deer Antler Decorative Lamp “Flex Bird”, Height 112 cm, Original Piece of Home Decor, One-Of-A-Kind
    Inspired by natural materials, this eye-catching floor lamp is a real statement piece for any interior. Rustic elements of natural deer antler* and century-old oak tree create a rich presence. Bird's neck is flexible and its position can be changed to create different moods and light directions. The metal base of the lamp is hand-forged by a blacksmith. One of a kind work of art for your home. Comes with two luxury shades made from Italian fabric. *No animal was hurt. Antlers are shed and regrown every year.
    • Height 112 cm (with the shade), Height 98 cm (without the shade); Base 28 cm
    • Handmade in Europe.
    • Ready to ship.
    • Type C power plug (Europe).
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    Product ID: AR001-363–2018