Handmade Wool Extra Long Fringed Skinny Scarf in Grey Mix. L. 245 cm; W. 8cm

£ 69.00

The easiest way to enliven your wardrobe is through unique handmade accessories.  This extra long skinny fringed scarf is handmade with soft felted wool that perfectly wraps around your neck, waist or styled as a head wrap. The long tassel can be styled in many ways: braided, twisted, wrapped around your head.

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  • Made by hand in Europe.
  • Unique design. One of a kind piece.
  • Measurements: Length 245 cm, width 8cm
  • Material: Wool
  • Colour: White mixed in with Grey, Blue, Black (also available in White Mix and Black Mix)
  • Ready to ship.
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Also available in other colours. Please feel free to contact us if you would like any other colour variations.

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Product ID: AR001-303–2018

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 245 x 8 cm

Care Instructions

Hand washing is recommended for wool items. Use a special detergent or mild soap for wool. Soak the item in water with the wool detergent, gently massage the item and rinse well in warm water, then again gently press the water out of the item or roll it up in a towel and press to absorb. Gently shake and reshape the item and lay flat to dry. Dry away from direct sunlight and heat. You can iron wool (or wool and silk) item but always use gentle steam or appropriate setting on your iron. To store your wool item, make sure that it is clean before packing it away in airtight bags or containers, ideally use a moth repellent but do not place it directly on the item.

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